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National Tour of Voluntary Service for National Fitness (Sichuan Stop) held on National Fitness Day

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Aug 8 was China National Fitness Day. Sponsored by China Sport Science Society (CSSS), 10 provinces organized voluntary service activities for national fitness.
In Sichuan province, Sichuan Sport Science Society held the National Tour of Voluntary Service for National Fitness (Sichuan Zigong Stop) with the theme Life Lies on Sport, Do Sport must be Scientific. Activities included Fitness Show, Fitness Test, Scientific Fitness Lecture, and Fitness Knowledge Exhibition. Over 1000 citizens joined in the activities.
In the Fitness Show, Performance teams showed the Yanko Dance, Kongfu and Aerobics. In the Fitness Test Area, organizers provided 14 test items such as body composition, BMD, cardiac function. All the items were free, and the experts made the exercise prescription according to the test result. In the Fitness Knowledge Exhibition, hundreds of people read the popular science articles on the posters. Moreover, organizers handed out 800 fitness knowledge handbooks to people. In the Scientific Fitness Lecture, experts taught sport nutrition and aerobics.
Over 1, 000 people joined in the activities.