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The 1st Training Course for Scientific Fitness Guide Volunteers held in Beijing

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Organized by China Sport Science Society (CSSS), the 1st Training Course for Scientific Fitness Guide Volunteers was held in Beijing on Sept 10. This training course aimed to establish a high-level team on scientific fitness guide to satisfy peoples ever-increasing desire on scientific fitness. CSSS selected high-level volunteers in each province and provided system training to improve their theoretical level and practice ability. When completing the training, they will become the backbone in their provinces and undertake the task of communicating the new fitness theory, popularize the scientific fitness methods, provide scientific fitness service and cultivating the scientific fitness volunteers.
CSSS invited famous experts to give systematic lectures on the new theory and methods of scientific fitness, including the scientific principle of fitness, the training methods, the nutritional supplements, and the prevention of exercise injuries, etc. In the course the trainees can also exchange their working methods and experience in fitness guide practice. Starting with this course, CSSS will take it as a long-term project to cultivate more and more talent in scientific fitness guide and make greater contribution for peoples health.